Selah Sue 
You get into the biggest fights with the people you care about the most because those are the relationships that you are willing to fight for just because you care about them 

too little too late

   You should have opened your eyes, I was crazy for you ..

Baby, what you’re saying to me is
There’s no more you and I
I couldn’t get it right on yesterday
So kiss our tomorrows goodbye❞ 

you can't trust

it's hard to put your feelings into words. it's hard to explain how you feel when someone asks you what's wrong. it's really hard to answer. you know you can't set words on your feelings and you know that no one can understand how you feel unless they'd felt the same way before.

everyone got different problems. different reasons to be sad, to cry you'd might be broken inside, but never tell anyone the reason why. no one can understand and no one really cares


what i feel is real i can’t settle for less sometimes the heart says no, the body says yes