Love is

You live and you breathe and then you die. In between, if you’re lucky, you fall in love, some loves stay forever, others are lost in only a day. But it’s still there, underneath all the hurt and pride and years. If it’s true love, it’s never forgotten. So when someone says they’re in love, don’t tell them they can’t be. Don’t say they’re too young, or it’s too soon. Love knows no age or length or time. Love is a feeling, deep in your heart, that squeezes you tight and you never want to let it go.


Laatste traan

Dit is me laatste traan. Vergeet al die shit. Now it is all good. Ga verder met m'n leven want het gaat zo voorbij.Geniet van elke dag dat ik hier mag zijn. Heb nu spijt dat ik veel niet anders heb gedaan. Het is nu tijd misschien had het zo wel moeten gaan. Ben nu bezig met m'n toekomst, dus ben voorlopig thuis. Ik kom daar waar ik moet zijn.
Je ziet me lachen maar de stress draag ik bij me. Kan niet opgeven ik weet dat ik moet strijden. Al dat gehaat en gepraat nee dat doet me niks. Ik kom daar waar ik moet zijn.
Soms zit ik ook veel met stress maar daar kan ik ook niks aan doen. Maar het komt altijd weer goed! 'Darryl

Lovely Lente

Romantic & Preppy,
Spring forward
from bold colours and new lengths
to novelty prints and accessories
there's a lot to love this season


Sometimes you just sit at home and remember the old times. You laugh by yourself with a smile. Then you have that one tear run down your cheek cause all of it changed


The sun is shining ! Have a lovely saturday. Enjoy your weekend!!


The summer is almost there.. I can't wait for the summer. Cocktails, sun, beach, sunglasses. I lovee it. Sunday i'm going to Bloomingdale to celebrate the end of the winter. FINALLY!!!!
River Island, one of my favorite stores


Naomi Ayélé

                                        I had to make them changes, I hope you understood


Just because..

And if you realize that im not there for you any more, remember you're the one that pushed me away..


Bij jou

Onderbuikgevoel, ik vertaal het voor ze.
Ik was verdwaald maar heb de weg weer bij jou gevonden.

Black Roses

Black Roses for this dyin' love
Now we're breakin'up Since we're givin'up
Black Roses an early valentine
Special delivery just for you and I

#SECRET 1.You know what? Yes I Have changed. I’m not as nice as I used to be, because I don’t want to get used or walked over, I don’t trust everyone and tell them my secrets , because behind every fake smile is a bitch. I distance myself from people because in the end, they’re only going to leave. I Have changed because I have realized that im the only person I can depend on.


Let go

When you love someone, when you truly love someone, that person becomes part of you, they become you're life, your everything. They change you and they inspire you in so many different ways that are indescribable. How do you let go of someone who has made such an impact on your life? How do you let go of the only thing that keeps you going, that keeps you strong? Loving someone with all you have is letting go of fear, it is growing up. Because when you love someone whole you let go of yourself.
So how do you let go someone you truly care about? The truth is.. i don't think you can, I think no matter what happens, whether you are together or not, they are in your heart, always


The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do



Young, Wild & Free


So what we get drunk So what we smoke weed We're just having fun We don't care who sees So what we go out That's how it's supposed to be Living young and wild and free ''


Streetlooks '11 Fashionweek Milano/Paris

Urban Jungle


Safarn chic


Remember us

In case you forgot, I hope this reminds you

African queen

You are my african queen the only one, I've ever seen with a smile so bright
Just like the sun, light up the earth,you light up my life
I-Octane - Once More
White blouse, Grey skinny, Lovely day '