I'm not a good lover. I mess up. I get jealous easily.
I'm too much sensitive.When it comes to my love.I get mad often
But there's one thing I do love about myself I dont play 


Long Island' Dreams Money Can Buy
I planned to say all
these terrible things
to you, but in the end,
I just want to tell you
I miss you

De Leven

Zolang het er nog even is geniet ik ervan.
Soms aandacht. Soms,weekend vanaf maandag.
Soms balen. Soms huilen.Soms , liever niet naar buiten.
Soms , bang zijn voor later.Soms , mis ik mijn vader.
Soms New York.Soms Londen. Soms, High , Stomdronken.
Soms, Tokyo.Soms Parijs.Soms Puur.Soms met ijs.
Als het morgen over is ..En er helemaal niks meer over is ..
Dan kan ik zeggen dat ik heb geleefd.
Dat ik meer ben vergeten dan je weet , snap je.
You guys are so busy telling
yourselves that moving on is for the
best. Maybe its not. Maybe you just
want to believe that because its
easier to give up.


You got me smiling in my sleep
                                 Naomi Ayélé

I heard you're a player.
So let's play a game
Let's sweet talk
Let's play fight.
Let's talk 24/7.
Let's tell each other good morning and good night every day
Let's take walks together.
Let's give each other nicknames.
Let's hang out with each other's friends.
Let's go on dates.
Let's talk on the phone all night long.
Let's hold each other.
Let's kiss and hug.
And whoever falls in love first?
Loses :)
Sorry for my absence but Im in the middle of my exams! Just 2 more left.


all i know right now is that i’ve grown up a lot since then. and it makes me smile every time i think about it. i guess because i don’t like to admit to myself that all that drama and all that attention back then, i loved it. i loved it at first when i wasn’t worried of the possibilities that came later. i loved the way you made me feel. i loved how you could always make me laugh, and how many times you’d catch my eye in the middle of that laughter, and for a moment i believed that things could be different. It'll be harder than before but easier in the long run.You lost something amazing. You lost me.